About Us


Started as an escape rooms company, the owners of Enigma Coffee went through a long puzzled maze till they evolved into becoming a coffee roaster. They went through a bunch of secret doors on their quest to discover what goes into making the best coffee blends and single origins. 

Since espresso machines are a magnifying glass for flavor, we believe a good espresso should have a variety of balanced notes, from full body flavors like dark chocolate combined with mid range frequency of stone fruit and berry to the right small amount of high end citrus notes, we believe that combination creates a perfect balance for an equilibrium of espresso blend. 

For any other brewing techniques like drip and pour over, we believe the dominant flavor of the origin should be the focus, after a long and exciting search we came to our two most favorite: Ethiopia single origin we roast has strong cherry and blueberry notes, Columbia has a smooth milk chocolate layer combined with stone fruit.



We believe that in the fast paced life you can rely on our expertise in providing you the best, most potent way to accelerate in your day and your life. We’ve done the coffee work for you and we want to help you live a more fulfilled life.

Our coffee philosophy derived from the owners desire to transcend the given into creating the higher possibility. They transfer their life approach, life loving and ability to maximize your potential to you.

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