The History of Cappuccino!

You would probably agree that starting your morning with the best coffee in Los Angeles can pretty much guarantee a productive start of your day. How about topping it off with the best breakfast in LA? That can set off a truly successful day if not the whole week. But that’s not what we wanted to talk about today.

Today we wanted to start a series of stories sharing the history of your favorite coffee and tea drinks. We love them, you love them, let's find out how and where they originated, the history is fascinating and often reflects their character, you’ll see. We want to start with a truly special - cappuccino.

Among the visitors of Enigma Coffee cappuccino is definitely one of the most popular drinks. The history of this drink remains a mystery but the most popular version is related to the birth of espresso itself.

In the Italian language many coffee drinks have utilitarian meanings, espresso means “pressed-out” which directly explains how the drink is prepared. Latte simply means milk. But cappuccino is different. It’s name is not related to coffee but rather to Capuchin friars, a particular order of the Franciscan monks. This order was founded in Italy in the 16th century. The Capuchins were known for their missionary work as well as their dedication to extreme austerity and simplicity of life.

They also had a distinct dress they were renowned for- a simple brown robe with a long pointed hood that hangs down the back. In Italian this particular hood was called cappuccio, and thus gave the name to the order.

When the cappuccino drink first appeared in Italy, it was named after the Capuchin friars, the color of the espresso mixed with frothed milk so much resembled the color of the Capuchin robe that the nickname stuck. It made its way into English in the late 1800s.

Cappuccino truly embraces the legacy of it’s holly ancestors, it’s simple, grounded and self-sufficient. It’s also the kind of drink our clients like to interchange their regular orders with. We have a large variety of specialty coffee drinks like latte, Gibraltar, flat white and more that we’ll be telling you about in the next blogs. Our goal is to make the best coffee in Hollywood for our clients as well as delicious loose leaf tea, we’ll talk about the tea ceremony, of course, and not to forget, the most important meal of the day- a healthy nutrient breakfast, excited to tell you more. But now back to the Capuchin friars special.

It all starts with the basics - a great espresso shot. We pull a double shot of espresso from the espresso machine into a ceramic cup, after that the barista steams the milk that has to maintain a soft silky texture and perfect cappuccino temperature. While pouring the milk into the espresso barista will create a drawing on the surface of the cup that’s called latte art, fancy a heart or a swan on your cappuccino? The quality of espresso, the temperature of the milk, it’s texture, proportions and the way it is mixed with espresso are very important in creating a great cappuccino.

Once the foundation is there and your perfectly balanced espresso shot is in place, next step is the milk texture, it has to be finely divided and should resemble a glass surface, it’s temperature in the pitcher should not exceed 60-65 C. When the milk reaches that temperature lactose is broken into glucose and galactose, which creates that smooth sugary taste of the milk.

The barista has to have their finesse in tune to ensure they’re giving the guest the best cappuccino they can offer. This cappuccino should be an immediately drinkable temperature (not too hot, not too cool), the flavors should be well incorporated, the texture should be velvety and smooth, and there should still be a thin layer of foam on top. And now, it's time to enjoy it!

If you are as fond of cappuccinos and their simple appeal as we are and are located in Hollywood or just passing by and are looking for a nice cozy coffee shop with parking and outside sitting drop in to try one of the best coffee in West Hollywood.

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