Espresso - what to drink in ENIGMA COFFEE?

Enigma Coffee baristas love this drink, and understandably so, it is the building block, the basis of it all. Any latte, flat white, cappuccino or Gibraltar stand on this foundation. Before we tell you where espresso originated and how it got its name, we wanted to remind you, if you live in Hollywood, Enigma Coffee is a great place near you, where you can meet with friends, get some work done or just pause for a little bit to read a book.

So let’s start by defining what’s an espresso? It’s a coffee drink originated in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century. It’s considered to be the King of coffee. There are two interpretations of what espresso means in Italian, some say it means “fast”, others say it means “pressed” or “prepared under pressure”. Espresso quickly became the symbol of quality coffee not only in Italy but all over the world. All other coffee drinks have espresso as the basis and their quality heavily depends on the quality of the espresso shot.

If you want to order espresso in Italy and feel like a true Italian, you can simply say “un caffe” or “solo” or “espresso solo” and the Italian Barista will right away know what you want to drink. In America different coffee shops serve different espresso portions, some do “a single”, which means its a single shot of espresso or 1 ounce. Other places do a ristretto, which is an ounce and a half and some do a double shot, which is two ounces of espresso. If you are sensitive to caffeine but still want to enjoy your espresso, you can simply ask for Decaffeinato, which is a decaffeinated espresso. Try our decaf espresso at Enigma Coffee, you won’t regret it.

If you are a real coffee connoisseur come visit Enigma Coffee at 7801 W Sunset blvd, Los Angeles. We have a selection of unique drinks that you can only taste here.

In Italy, they say, if you want to make a good espresso, you have to follow the Rule of 4 M’s. The first “M” (mishella), the mixture or blend of coffee beans, second (maccinato) the fineness of the grind, third (macchina) the coffee machine, fourth one (mano) the hand of the barista. Each part of the process has its nuances.

One of the ways to determine the quality of the espresso is the “crema”. The crema has to be thick, smooth and have a golden/hazelnut color. The thickness of the crema should not be less than 2mm. An espresso has to be served in the first 1-1.5 minutes of being made to retain its aroma and taste.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour into espresso, if you live in Los Angeles, grab a couple of friends and come to Enigma Coffee for a cup of coffee, our delicious matcha and don’t skip breakfast! Our ham and cheese croissants are truly DELISH!

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