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Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Guys, we’d like to invite you to one of the best coffee shops in Hollywood - Enigma Coffee, here you can try our delicious lattes as well as a great variety of other specialty drinks.

So what do you know about latte?

It's hard to find a person in LA who has never heard of this drink. It’s arguably, one of the most popular items on any coffee shop’s menu. This espresso drink originated in Italy and thanks to its smooth texture and exceptional taste became an all time favorite of many coffee drinkers all over the world. So how was this popular drink created?

Before we start, a little tip, if you want to taste one of the smoothest most delicious lattes in LA, head over to Enigma Coffee, we have a large range of options for you, from hot lattes to iced with unique flavors we create here in the shop. Visit us at 7801 W Sunset blvd, Los Angeles - Enigma Coffee. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Now, back to lattes. Yum.

The legend has it, that the creation of latte can be attributed to Italian housewives. The coffee culture was always very prevalent in Italy. Adults of all ages enjoy their coffee daily but kids were not allowed to have any because of its strength. Italian mothers, however, went creative and designed a drink that was suitable for kids. To somehow dilute the coffee, they poured hot milk over it. That’s how this drink got its name,“latte”, that simply means “milk” in Italian.

The latte we now drink in coffee shops came to life in the 20th century. That’s when coffee machines were created, they now had the capacity to heat up the milk using air, that steamed into gentle foam.

At Enigma Coffee we continue this tradition of gentle smooth steaming and stretching of the milk, making sure your latte is a delicate lucious pleasure. Join us for a latte of your choice on Sunset blvd and fall in love with its sensual vibe .

Many people wonder whether it's possible to make a perfect latte at home. For sure! If you have an espresso machine that has a steaming wand. You just want to make sure you put special attention to the steaming process, a happy milk is a happy latte is a happy you. Enjoy!

If you want to chat more about lattes or explore other delightful coffee options, please join us at Enigma Coffee any day a week, we are always happy to talk about coffee and craft your special drink of choice.

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