A brief history of coffee.

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So what are we going to talk about today? How about taking a little trip into the history of this beautiful drink that many people love - the history of coffee. Below is an illustration of the coffee production in Ethiopia in the region of Harrar.


It all started in Ethiopia. The first mention of coffee was in the writings of a famous ancient doctor Avicenna. The coffee soon started to spread throughout the Arabic world. Among the followers of Islam coffee became a favored alternative to alcohol. In the center of Islam, the city of Mecca coffee became especially popular. It later spread to the newly established Ottoman Empire and its capital, Istanbul. At the same time coffee found its way to Persia.

At first, coffee was used in its raw form as a green bean, without undergoing the roasting process. Coffee roasting started in the 13th century. There are two legends known today, that allegedly marked the beginning of coffee roasting, according to one a fire at a coffee storage spread a very pleasant coffee smell that people noticed, according to the other, accidentally thrown into the fire coffee beans produced that same pleasant smell and attracted attention to itself.

Europe was introduced to coffee through the Venician republic, in France coffee was first introduced under the rule of Louis XIV, a Turkish ambassador brought it for the king as a present.

In the 17th century the Pope Clement VIII blessed the consumption of coffee throughout the Cristian world.

Most notable coffee events:

980 AC - coffee was mentioned in the works of Avicenna

1300 - the roasting of green coffee beans began

1500- Istanbul the Capital of the Ottoman Empire was first introduced to coffee

1500-1550- coffee first appeared in Persia

1600- coffee was first introduced to Venice

1644- the court of Louis XIV had a privilege to try this Eastern treat that was brought as a present from Istanbul

1687- first coffee grinder was invented

1732- Bach’s “Coffee cantata” was written

1809- first coffee maker was invented by B. Thompson

1820- first time caffeine was extracted from coffee

1843- liberica coffee was discovered

1900- vacuum seal was first invented and later became a useful tool in coffee packaging

1901- instant coffee was created

1902- First World Congress of coffee studies took place

1960- first coffee tree hybrid was discovered - Hybrid of Timor (a natural cross of arabica and robusta that was found on the island of Timor)

1965- industrial production of instant coffee started

1970- first coffee aromatization

1998- creation of the European association of Specialty coffee

Were there other ways to use coffee beans? Yes, people were and continue to be very creative with coffee.

In ancient Ethiopia coffee fruits were used to make flour for bread, they were grinded, mixed with animal fat and baked.

Nowadays, in Japan you can visit a “coffee spa”, where you can soak in a bath filled with coffee grinds. Also a well known clothing brand “Northland” that specializes in sportswear started using coffee grinds in their production to neutralize unwanted odors. Coffee scrubs, soaps, masks are widely used throughout the cosmetics industry.

A small tip before we part- coffee beans are ants best enemy, if you want your kitchen ants free, you can lay some coffee beans on the kitchen counter and you will never have the unwanted visitors.

I hope you guys enjoyed the journey into the coffee history! Enigma Coffee team will continue to prep fun, interesting coffee blogs for you.

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Coffee love ❤️.

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